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The Set Up

We think a little ambiance goes a long way so we bring our signature style to each Pop Up Picnic. 

We offer a Boho style set up 

  • casual lounge seating

  • low tables

  • pillow seating

  • lanterns / candles

  • rugs

  • fresh flowers

  • additional decor

  • place settings , utensils , glasses, napkins anything you might need will be available

We choose the decor style and setting no need to fuss over little details that is why we are here. Why? We want it to be EASY to book- simplifying the choices means a quicker decision and a better experience. That’s also why we don’t allow guests to choose colors, decor items, etc.

We REALLY believe in keeping it simple because at the end of the day, it’s not about the pillows or the rug, it’s about getting together in a gorgeous setting + connecting with those we love!

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